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MalwareScannerPRO Features

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System Requirements:

  • Supports: Windows 7 SP1 and Above (both 32 bit and 64 bit).
  • 1 Gb RAM.
  • 1.5 Gb Free Hard disk Space.
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 800 MHz or higher.
  • Internet connection for updates and registration.
  • Malware Scanner Pro. is a unique protection for your PC. It protects your system against any type of MALWARE (not just Spyware & Adware, but also virus, rootkit, worm, hijacker and trojan).
  • Ultra Fast Scanning and Detection. It provides you with 4 scan options which you can use according to your need and time.
  • Minimal Impact on Computer Performance so that you can have Increased Productivity.
  • Comprehensive Real-Time Protection Shield to Protect Against malware Infections in real time.
  • Comprehensive Active-X Shield to Protect Against malware Infections in real time.
  • It allows you to set a Scheduled Scan so that your PC get scanned according to your convenience.
  • It will improve windows protection even if you don't have any other security program installed.
  • It comes with various tools to help you in keeping your PC in good shape. Like, File Shreding tool to remove a file securely, PC Hijack Checking and Fixing, Disk Clean-up helper, etc.
  • You can install it with other anti-virus software without any problem. And, thus get double protection.
  • We have our own R&D team that release updates as often as daily to ensure your PC security is never compromised.
  • Installs Quickly and Is Very Easy to Use. It's have very easy to use interface which allows you to use it without taking help of others. * We have 24x7 mail support to help you.
  • What more? You get all this at Very Low Price!!