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Privacy and Refund Policy

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Our Privacy Policy:

We really understand that your personal information is very crucial and we do not disclose this information to any third party, other than our Payment Gateway service provider and Law enforcement authority.

What Information we Collect:

1. To provide you customized experience we fetch your location information, but we do not store it.

2. We store all that information which you provide us by filling the registration form.

3. We do not store your Credit Card/Debit Card/Bank Account information at our end. But Our Payment Gateway service may store that information if you allow them (like, for Renewal of service.

4. To protect piracy/misuse of MalwareScannerPRO subscription, we do keep a record of your PC's Hardware signature.

Our Refund Policy:

We understand that your hard earned money should not get wasted, So we insist on "First Try Then Buy" policy.

That's why we don't provide a direct Buy link on our website.

As we provide our software at very low profit, it's really not possible to refund the amount.